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Velvet Antler

Velvet Antler Bulls produce a new set of antler every year beginning in early spring. Previous year's antlers naturally fall off as new antler growth emerges and begins to develop, usually beginning in March or April. Antlers from bulls which are strictly raised for velvet antler production, are humanely removed approximately 60-65 days into the growth cycle.

Over 500 pounds of velvet antler is harvested annually at Splendor Ridge Elk Farm. We keep our velveting bulls separate from the rest of the herd to maintain a strict nutritional diet which helps to maximize velvet quality and potential.

Our bulls are cut on the early side to minimize excess calcium and ash for a more premium product.

Our velvet antler supplements are 100% velvet antler which is free of additives and preservatives. Our velvet antler supplements contain no drug residue.

Purchase Velvet Antler Supplements Online

Our velvet antler supplements are available in 250 mg. capsules in 60 count bottles. We offer a discount of $2.00/bottle when ordering by the case (12 bottles in a case).

Velvet Antler Supplements

Velvet Antler Capsules
Velvet antler has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years, second only to ginseng, for the treatment of wounds, pain, arthritis, inflammation, stress, and to slow the aging process.

There is growing awareness of the benefits of velvet antler as a nutritional supplement in North America. Case studies conducted in North America and all around the world are continually showing positive results in conditions affecting circulation, joint problems and arthritis, recovery from surgery and injury and increased energy. Testimonials from people using velvet antler supplements are astounding!

There are many active ingredients naturally found in velvet antler that make it extremely unique:
  • chondroitin sulfate
  • collagen
  • glucosamine
  • growth hormones and growth factors (significant amounts of IGF-1)
  • all essential amino acids and fatty acids (including omega 3 & 6)
  • and much more!!!
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