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Breeding Sires

SPR 352A
SPR 352A

Registration: #A41009
Birthdate: May 22, 2013
Sire (Dam's Sire): Styx (Stalwart)

487" Typical @ 5 with 52" spread
449" Typical @ 4 with 51" spread (2nd Place International Competition)
375" Typical @ 3

This bulls has it all — 57” long beams, 52" spread and tremendous style! Watch for his 2 yr old sons in 2019!

See 2018 video of this outstanding bull!
SPR Splendor's Ray 071X
SPR Splendor's Ray 071X

Registration: #39421
Birthdate: May 31, 2010
Sire (Dam's Sire): X-Ray (Stalwart)

533" @ 7 with 52" spread
482" @ 6 with 47" spread

Splendor's Ray is passing on tremendous velvet weights and scores to his sons, many surpassing him age for age! He's another bull with tremendous 50"+ beams, 50"+ width and style!
SPR 166Y
SPR 166Y

Registration: #A39366
Birthdate: June 9, 2011
Sire (Dam's Sire): Amarillo Sky (Sir Splendor)
LM Genotype

471" @ 6 with 49" spread, 50" long beams and 27" 3rd tines, 2nd Place International
37 lbs of velvet @ 4, International Champion and People's Choice Award

This bull has arguably the largest third tines of almost any bull out there! He has tremendous beam diameter and consistently passes that trait on to his sons. In 2018, he sired a group of Breeder’s Three 3 Year Old sons with velvet weights of 27.34 lbs, 24.01 lbs and 22.14 lbs
SPR 561C
SPR 561C

Registration: #A41747
Birthdate: June 1, 2015
Sire (Dam's Sire): Splendor's Blend 806U (X-Ray)

446" @ 3 with 50" spread

This is the newest bull to the Splendor Ridge line up! He has the early maturity, beam length, width and spread that we look for in our breeding bulls. We're excited to see his first sons in 2019!
SPR Splendor's Blend 806U
SPR Splendor's Blend 806U

Registration: #A39121
Birthdate: June 13, 2008
Sire (Dam's Sire): SPR Casey 211M (SPR 252N)
LM Genotype

526" @ 8
535" @ 7 with 47" spread
506" @ 6

This bull hit over 500" at the age of five and has numerous awards including International Champion in 2016! This bull displays tremendous antler mass after the 4th tine and 52” long heavy beams. He is the sire to SPR 561C above and he has other sons just like him. He is also passing on huge body size in both his male and female offspring which has increased carcass weights on our meat animals significantly! We retired him as a sire in 2018 after six years of breeding.
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